"The Best of Israel" Rewards Program

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to the Holy Land, but you could never afford it?  You now have an opportunity to visit the land of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob at no cost to you!   Ancient Tours has created a tour that makes it feasible for you to journey to Israel for free!  For every 10 people you recruit for our “The Best of Israel” tour slated June 6-16, 2018, you will receive one free tour package (this includes airfare from Indianapolis)!!  Worried you may not be able to recruit 10 people?  No worries.  Even if you do not recruit 10 individuals, we will still give you $340.00 per person that you recruit for this Israel tour (these monies are deducted from the price of your Israel tour package)!  It is our way to make your journey to Israel a reality.

Register today to take advantage of this incredible offer!!  No fees. No obligation.


What is required to enroll in this program?  You simply need to register online.  As soon as you register, your name will be added to this program.  There are no fees or obligations.

What time and effort is expected of me?  Your only responsibilities are to promote “The Best of Israel” tour (June 6-16, 2018) and encourage folks to register. All registration and payments are made through Ancient Tours’ website.  We would also encourage you to direct folks to our website in order to view the itinerary brochure and promotional video.  In addition, we are happy to assist you in any way we can as you promote this tour to your family and friends.

How do I receive “credit” for those I recruit?  Your name will be added to the registration form for “The Best of Israel” tour for June 6-16, 2018.  Registrants will then be asked to select who recommended this tour.  We will keep you updated with the number of “credits” or participants you have received.  A “participant” is someone who has registered and paid in full for “The Best of Israel” tour.

Does this offer apply to other tours hosted by Ancient Tours?  This offer is designed solely for this specific tour (“The Best of Israel” tour ~ June 6-16, 2018).  This promotional offer does not apply to any other tours (e.g., Premier Israel Tour, Reformation Tour).  Deviations from the group accommodations and/or air flights can be arranged for this tour (e.g., departure from a city other than Indianapolis).   Please contact Ancient Tours for details.

What happens if I only recruit less than 10 individuals?  You will receive a $340.00 discount for every person who registers and pays for this tour OR 1 free tour package for every 10 individuals (Note that you receive an additional savings of approximately $1,200 for recruiting 10 people!).  If you are unable to recruit 10 individuals, then you will receive a $340.00 discount towards YOUR tour for each person who is participating.  For instance, if you recruited only 5 individuals, then your tour price would be discounted by those 5 credits (a total discount savings of $1,700.00)!  “Credits” are non-transferable, cannot be applied more than once, and cannot be redeemed for cash.  Please know that the free tour package does not apply to the Jordan excursion.  This promotional offer ends March 1, 2018.