Embarking on an international excursion with David and Rich was one of the most exciting, informative, and life-changing experiences of my life.

Walking through Ephesus was my fondest memory. Images of the city immediately come to my mind when I turn to the book of Ephesians. When reading about Noah and the flood, I see images of mountain range containing Mt. Ararat, where the ark finally rested. Not only did this trip bring the Bible to life, but it gave me a much greater appreciation for how blessed I am, seeing first hand what poverty really is, and gaining a much greater appreciation for the underprivileged children of God.

David and Rich are gifted communicators. Their knowledge, combined with their love for the Lord and passion for bringing the Bible to life, makes taking a trip with Ancient Tours an unparalleled experience.

~ Timothy Neetz (Egypt and Turkey Trip 2005)

Have you ever considered how you would feel if you found yourself in a wooden boat on the Sea of Galilee? How about looking out on the Mediterranean from the shores of Caesarea or standing on the top of Masada with the Dead Sea as the backdrop? Now imagine the view from Mt. Carmel as you gaze across the Valley of Jezreel and see both Mt. Moreh and Mt. Tabor in the distance. Well, of all the high points of our tour of Israel, those are just a few. But as breathtaking as each was, they were made all the more enjoyable, not to mention informative, by Drs. David Hoffeditz and Richard Blumenstock. Both are outstanding scholars, exceptional communicators, and above all else spiritual leaders. If I am ever able to do a return trip, I would go with no one else. Thank you, gentlemen, for being all that God wants you to be. Soli Deo Gloria!

~ Dr. J. D. Watson (and Debbie; Israel 2011)
Pastor/Author, Grace Bible Church (Meeker, CO)

I just wanted to say thank you for making our trip to Israel both memorable and meaningful. I learned so much and it has helped me immensely in putting a few more puzzle pieces together in the great picture of the Bible. I continue to be intrigued, fascinated and STUCK in the Word . . . . Thank you again.
In Christ,

~ Diana Binford (Israel 2011)

Our journey to Israel with Ancient Tours was a life changing event. From precious times of worship at the Garden Tomb to surreal moments of walking on the Temple steps where Jesus walked – we made memories that will last a lifetime! Throughout our trek, Drs. Blumenstock and Hoffeditz offered a biblical perspective, engaging wit and conversation, and thoughtfully relevant cultural and archeological insights.

The motto of Ancient Tours is: “Devotions with your Feet.” Upon reflecting on our journey, we see how this motto influenced and permeated our entire trip. We have been richly blessed by our experience, and would encourage anyone to seize the opportunity to travel with Ancient Tours.

~ Pastor Dan & Diana Sudlow (Israel 2011)

Thank you David and Rich for the wonderful trip to the Holy Land. I thought I knew how special it would be but had no idea how alive the Bible would become. The Bible study at each sight was a blessing and I felt I knew the people and could envision them doing what the Bible said in that particular setting. Each day was a new adventure and lesson. The book you gave us for study is most helpful now that I am home and have seen this wonderful history with my own eyes. You made our group feel very safe and security was never an issue. I would not travel with just anyone but trusted Ancient Tours for their knowledge and professionalism from the start. I was not disappointed. I hope to have the opportunity to travel with you another time.

~ Judy Dickerson (Israel 2012)