Our Mission and Distinctives

Ancient Tours is far more than a tour company.  Our objectives as an organization entail the following:

  • To provide experienced Bible teachers and guides.  Each of our Bible teachers are well trained, up-to-date, and experienced to accompany each tour.  Each of our teachers possess credentials and experience in the particular area in which he is teaching.  Their talents and abilities are marked with strong people skills, humility, and a servant’s heart.IMG_0804
  • To offer tours which are comprehensive.  Ancient Tours prides itself in attention to details.  It is our desire that you make the most of your time while overseas.  We take great care to ensure that you return intellectually stimulated and spiritually enriched.  To further enhance these trips, you will receive printed materials (e.g., pre-trip packing guide, an approximately 125-page field manual, museum guides, and a devotional guide).
  • To grant special attention to the Scriptures.  Ancient Tours invests many resources to guarantee that the Bible serves as the primary focus of each of our tours.  Our motto:  “Devotions with your feet.” is what we seek to accomplish in each of our “journeys”.  Whatever tour you take, Ancient Tours seeks to integrate the history, geography, culture, and archaeology with the Bible.
  • To ensure individualized attention and care. Whether an individual has been or will be participating in one of our tours, each person is a part of the Ancient Tours extended family.  We will maintain this community through regular correspondence, quarterly newsletters, and emails.  For those participating in a tour, we “walk with you” during the entire tour providing the personal attention you need to ensure you have an enjoyable, rewarding, and safe journey.
  • To provide persistent attention to safety.  As with travel anywhere in the world today, there is a concern for safety.  Ancient Tours takes the necessary precautions to do our best to ensure your safety, and that each tour is free as possible from any distractions due to logistics.  We maintain constant contact with local agencies, US government, and international organizations.  It is our desire to set your mind at ease and give you the freedom to experience the Bible in a new and living way!

thumb_IMG_2033_1024“Ancient Tours provided the encounter of a lifetime. Our journey to Israel was an exceptional experience. Drs. Blumenstock and Hoffeditz are scholars who provided biblical significance of sites and artifacts integrated with history and archeology. Their knowledge and passion for excellence made the journey an experience beyond compare. The tour was efficient, effective, and safe. There were no surprises with very little out-of-pocket costs while in Israel. Drs. Blumenstock and Hoffeditz did whatever it took to make the experience rich and rewarding. Ancient Tours is trustworthy, professional, and very capable.

Ancient Tours is the only agency to consider for your journey.”

Dr. Ron Sadler, Liberty University ~ School of Graduate Studies